Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Make no mistake, abusive relationships is not just about domestic violence. Rather, emotional, financial and psychological abuse exist as well. The interesting bit is that relationship abuse do not start at the beginning of dating. It takes a while, as the relationship grows the abuse develops bit by bit with it. Thus, not making the signs of an abusive relationship not recognizable to many.

Often, there is that feeling that you’re not in a healthy relationship. But, sinking into a state of denial is unavoidable. Especially if you love the abuser that much.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship – Possessive Boyfriend or Girlfriend

There are many types of abusive relationships not only domestic battery

There are many types of abusive relationships not only domestic battery

Constant checks to enquire about your whereabouts or track your movements. The abusive boyfriend / girlfriend will try to control almost any and everything you do.

Often, the abuser end up infuriated and irrational when you do not conform to their demands. It’s that bad! An abusive boyfriend/girlfriend feel they own you and as such have every right to do as they please.




Signs of an Abusive Relationship : Overly Jealous Girlfriend or Boyfriend

The abuser tends to act jealous and in most cases prevents/ isolates you from your family and friends.  An abusive lover gets insecure and tends to accuse their partners of being unfaithful. Whereas it’s just their insecurity nerves acting up.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship : Hurtful Words

emotional abuse

Boyfriends or girlfriends emotionally abuse using hurtful words

There’s always the threat signals and use of abusive words to hurt your feelings. They abuse by screaming, yelling, or even threatening you at the least provocation.

This could even get worse as their threats usually end up affecting the people close to you. It’s always necessary to take caution when dealing with abusive lovers because you might never know when they will spring up on you.

It’s a form of psychological abuse!


Signs of an Abusive Relationship : Minor physical violence 

An important sign of an abusive relationship is the use of minor domestic violence and sexual violence. There’s that act of constant pushing,  forceful intimacy by playing mind games. They might have you doing things you’d not want to do. All in a bid to please themselves and end up harming you, your relations or even a pet you keep if you attempt to cry foul. Violence is the only means possible to them to get access to you and have you do all their bidding. That’s the only language they speak and understand in a relationship. Hmm…quite sad isn’t it?

Signs of an Abusive Relationship : Emotional Abuse

There’s that act of always relegating you to the background and making you feel inferior to them.  and others. This can be in public or in private. They play on your intelligence, mocking your looks and mental capabilities. They make you feel and look inferior; telling you things that kill and dampen your spirit. It’s a form of emotional abuse and psychological torture. Don’t know about you all out there, but I definitely would not like to go through any of this!

Reasons Why people stay after noticing the signs of an abusive relationship

signs of an abusive relationship

People can’t free themselves from abuse because they are scared of the unknown

Many reasons account for the why people stay after noticing signs of an abusive relationship.  Some abused victims become are unable to free themselves from the relationship. The victim feel overwhelmed by the abuse so much that walking out doesn’t seem to be the best possible haven. There are feelings of fright, confusion, guilt and delusion of love being equal to abuse.

Ending an Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship ends with the victim coming out. There are so many ways to put an end to abuse in a relationship. Seek help from support groups in your vicinity or local group. They can aid you in stepping out from the dark and facing your fears- the aftermath of the abuse. Counseling is also another option one can take to help go through the trauma of abuse. It’s never late to seek for help. You have the power to put an end to to this. Break the silence and set yourself free from Abuse.


6 Responses so far.

  1. priness says:

    An abusive relationship is not a pleasant one at all. A controlling partner is going to be an abusive one of course. Known for always hurting your feelings. An autocratic partner, as well as a partner who looks down on the other. These are few. Just be careful you don’t become a victim.

  2. Roseline says:

    People get abused because they want. Why can’t you just walkout? People are happy being single and end up sad in a relationship. Why not just get back to being single

  3. Aida Aidoo says:

    Most people will walk out of such situations. But in my opinion, people just don’t become abusers for abusing sake, most of us ‘both male and female’ do not know how to approach our partners when it comes to the imotional abuse. When it comes to rest of the signs, most of the victims are to be blamed. In a relationship, one needs to know the other partners strength and weaknesses. As a Christian, walking away from such a relationship is a very bad idea. You need to steadfast and pray for your partner. Prayer also helps a lot and you need not to offend or approach your partner in times when he needs to be alone.

  4. Elom Anyah says:

    Again, i really love this piece. Very well constructed and i think if victims of such an uncouth behavior can boldly come out of this stigma and report it to authorities or even their families, things will be better.
    Sometimes you cant blame the victims neither can you blame the abusers. They both might be suffering some psychological syndrome.
    Its best if they go through counselling and subject themselves to prayers.


  5. Godwin Appiah says:

    Spot on with the writing