Societies Take on Divorce

Divorce is said to occur when there’s a break in the relationship between two people involved in a union known as marriage. This separation is said to come about due to variant reasons of which being in the best knowledge of the two, not conducive enough for marriage even more being together as a couple. Regardless of who wanted the break in the first place, divorce tends to affect anybody caught up in its way and may end up harming indirectly those not involved in the marriage. The practice of divorce in recent times has gained some significant level of increment and acceptance in society due to its ability to offer most bruised and irreparable marriages out there. With this huge recognition and acceptance, divorce has managed to step into the household of tens and thousands of married couples leading to the dissolution of marital vows and unions with much awareness created to set couples caught up in estranged marriages free.


It’s no news in today’s modern world having one divorce their partner and opting to go in for another. But in some years back, the situation was not so. Unlike today’s modern marriages which go through the period of making vows and breaking them by noon, past marriages weren’t so. Marriages of old lasted and made it regardless of the boisterous weather faced. Divorce was indeed the last option taken when a marriage went sour. Society also, very affirmatively frowned upon the whole concept of marriage dissolution and with this; divorce had no consideration even when a marital home was being wrecked apart by conflicting issues. But however the situation in those days, some people had their own views and opinions regarding the whole divorce issue. This practice was seen as somewhat helpful to most marriages, especially the ones which had couples facing incompatibility between them and their marriage owing to the total inexperience of genuine joy and happiness from the marriage. One will undoubtedly agree with me to some extent that it’s not very easy living and staying married to someone you don’t really bond with or love. It can be frustrating and unbearable as one deciding to opt out of the marriage is seen as a last resort to gain complete freedom and inner-most peace.


Society’ take on divorce

society and divorceDrawing a comparison between what was in the past and what is now presently, people have attested to finding that innermost joy and peace they’ve always sought for during their marriage but never really got it until they set themselves free. Divorce to them, seems like and is quite indeed a good haven to rest ones soul and mind owing to the fact that not every marriage is meant to last or survive for eternity having gone through various trials and setbacks. With society’s gradual acceptance of the practice of divorce, more and more people have become accustomed to its use effectively in addressing marital problems and complications, while some others have taken to the practice of abusing the whole divorce institution. This has become a major loophole hampering the practice of divorce from being fully utilized to bring effective results and harmony among couples involved in diverse forms of marital problems hence society’s major refusal to fully accepting the practice. Moreover, religion is also another factor which deters and frowns upon the entire practice of divorce. The faith and believe in the institution of marriage is so strong that, a break or dissolution of this bond when sought after is regarded as unholy and not morally upright in society.  Though couples may be struggling through marriage issues and complications, their religions of affiliation hinders them from seeking for themselves that which is just to ending their relationships( marital ones), without having to bear or suffer consequences of not being happy in the long run. Divorce is not an issue of discussion when it comes to religion, most especially for those who are very much religiously inclined and deep rooted in the faith taken up. Couples often at times defy the faith and do what they feel is right in order to save themselves from further torment in the marriage they face.

In a nut shell, divorce cannot be said to be completely bad in entirety as society tags it. It might have its negatives for sure, but this notwithstanding, it also does offer lots of couples out there total freedom and peace of mind from marriages that aren’t necessarily meant to be or working out due to several reasons. What one must know for a fact is that, not every marriage is meant to last a hundred percent or end up being successful. Some marriages have their fair share of happy moments, then the sad and trying times set in. others are able to fix the disorder created, enable the marriage bounce back on its feet, but some others too, aren’t so lucky in making it and might end up not being successful at all going through  all of those challenges and predicaments. Whether or not one wishes to get a divorce, is a whole issue left entirely to that person to decide. This is due to the fact that, no one can really know what couples truly face in a marriage. Trying times and difficult hurdles are but situations faced entirely by the couples alone and when the need arise to quit or walk out as one may not be able to bear the situation any longer, criticisms and judgments should be far away. Society may have its reasons for not accepting the whole idea or practice of divorce, but decisions of couples to get themselves through this process must never be based on this. If happiness lies in freeing oneself from the clutches and burdens of an unbearable marriage and incompatible partner through divorce, society should never have to interfere in the first place. It’s a decision totally left for couples to decide. We need to be able to be ourselves regardless of what society says and pushes us to do. At the end of the day, society does not make us who we are, but we owe it to ourselves to define how we want society to see us.

Written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Depending on how one sees it, it chooses to be either positive or negative. But generally, society frowns on divorce, those from afar see a divorcé as being bad of which shouldn’t be. But until one finds out what actually went wrong in a marriage for a divorce to occur, Painting it black will always be in the air.
    Some societies do uphold divorce high, for it is believed you shouldn’t be in marriage where your partner doesnt treat you right and all other problems that lead to divorce.

  2. priness says:

    Though divorce is not the best but do not stay in an unhappy marriage all in the name of living up to the expectation of the society. You will die before your age let just pray for a wonderful marriage. It’s well.