Uncontested Divorce

When spouses together agree at some point in a marriage that the union between them has not lived up to desired expectations, and thus decide to a mutually satisfying agreement that benefits both sides in a consensual divorce settlement. This is usually the most commonly used means of marriage dissolution in today’s times as many sour marriages have managed to get amicably parted through uncontested divorces. This can be attributed to the fact that its somehow inexpensive and pretty much simple in attaining not forgetting the fact that it offers both partners an opportunity in ending things quite calmly with much dignity. Now, even though most people ideally would not ever agree to a marriage going through a divorce, there may exist that point in time when not much can be done to salvage a marriage that’s going down the drain. Uncontested divorce is not entirely bad as you may view it. On the contrary, it offers some advantages to the spouses involved at the end of the day.

Now why don’t we look at some of the advantages attached to getting a divorce this kind of way, as well as some odds attached too.



Uncontested divorce in reality offers both partners some amount of benefit other than having to go through a rather rough and crazy split. Most marriage breakups mostly end up with partners feeling angry at each other or having this whole negative emotion surging up from within that often transfers into other relationships ventured into. It could get so bad to the point where kids involved in the marriage at the time of the split are often ignored, with a whole lot of pressure falling down on them. Even though most partners during a break in a marriage would at one point feel resentment towards each other for reasons of the marriage not going as planned, or by the acts of the other partner bringing everything tumbling down in the marriage, an amicable settlement may be needed in cooling the raging tempers. Settling issues in a peaceful manner as much as possible may be difficult during the first phase of a marriage dissolution, but when partners get to that point where they understand how relevant and safer it is to settle things in such a manner, they may gain much more than just the harmony they wished to attain. You don’t necessarily have to agree on issues with each other before an uncontested divorce can be right for you. That brings us to the second other most important advantage of settling your divorce this way….COST!

Indeed, a contested divorce that continues to linger on for years un-end, having partners beat about the bush as to who gets control of what and what terms each partner may wish the marriage to end in, may not present itself very cheap but could have partners spending more than they had bargained for.  Why would you decide to spend your life savings just so you get to have your way out of a marriage? It doesn’t make sense to me to say the least. Divorce in nature comes with its accompanied ills, adding that to more costs is not ideally advisable. If things have to get settled, then it should be done in the most reasonable means possible. But that really depends on the arrangement between the partners. And when kids are involved, I think it’s ideal that much consideration goes into the terms of settling the marriage split in a way as not to affect the kids negatively.



First and foremost, uncontested divorce in a way can be very tricky and uncertain on the part of both partners. Now, a divorce is meant to lay apart partners who due to one or two reasons don’t seem to agree on issues in a marriage and deem it fit to go their separate ways. When the split is settled in an amicable manner, then that is to imply that an avenue or channel has been created which later on serves as a joining point, linking both partners again in re-igniting the marriage. One may say that it’s a good thing when partners get to that phase of understanding each other and deciding that they want to be together. But aren’t we missing something over here? Have you thought of the possibility of the partners splitting up again and deciding to settle things in an amicable manner? What if they continue to go this way in their relationship, not really minding whoever it is they hurt in the process? The kids aren’t left out….are they? They get to revolve their lives around whatever their parents are getting themselves involved in. It’s that whole continues process of going to and fro in the marriage which was supposed to come to an amicable end. Furthermore, the kids get tasked with the headache of joggling between both parents due to agreed parenting terms. This could be stressful and may bring about instability.


One needs to always bear in mind to choose which ever mode of divorce settlement suits them most, as well as considering the well-being of their children, i.e. if any exist. Set your priorities straight, and do not place your interests above others. Divorce could set you free, but it’s just the start of a new beginning for you. Embrace it!

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Its pretty cool since both partners somewhere enjoy some little benefits from the other. Things are much more simple and silent.

  2. priness says:

    It’s better this way because the is issue settled amicably without contradiction. Everything ends peacefully but definitely stubborn spouse might want a come back since there was no grudge.