What to Do After a Breakup

It’s over now….time to do the moving on. Words have been said and promises broken in effect. Most of these can’t be taken back and your main focus should be on what to do after the breakup. For several reasons most people find it very difficult when it comes to moving on after a breakup has occurred in a relationship. There is usually a post breakup depression. This may be attributed to the fact that some tend to build their lives, centering it around the relationship making it very complex in pursuing anything different or new after the relationship goes into extinction. Ending a relationship might seem so simple and easy in achieving, yes, but the aftermath of a breakup is so not simple to tell you the truth. The loneliness, feeling of regret and self-blame becomes more frequent in the life of one at this point. So then one would ask the question of the day as to what to do after a breakup. I’ve been able to scribble down some few pointers to enlighten and help anyone out there struggling to set things right after a relationship goes down memory lane….literally speaking. Five things to do after break up.

There’s really no formal approach to living one’s life after a break in relationship. But however, one’s personal attitude and rightful decision making can aid in balancing the general effect created by the break…or the impact if I can put it that way. You need to be smart in pulling it together. How can you achieve this?

What to do after a breakup:  You should never feel sad or sorry for yourself

What to do after a breakup

What to do after a breakup

It’s an absolute NO NO. When you go through a breakup, it’s very easy to fall into a state of depression, feeling a sense of loneliness and wishing the break had never been effected in the first place. From staring into space all the time, trying to seek answers to why your life has turned out that way, to the isolation periods where you begin to slowly sink into a state of depression and frustration. This shouldn’t be your life. Come on!!! You owe it to yourself to get back up and renew all of the energy you had before you even started dating. It’s not the end of the world honey. It’s actually just the beginning of brighter things to come your way.

What to do after a breakup : You need to keep yourself occupied doing stuff that you love

This way you let your mind be free from all the guilt, pain and most importantly the post breakup depression. It could even keep you on the alert by ensuring that you don’t get involved irrationally in any kind of new relationship your mind is not psyched for. It’s better to stay focused, planning one’s life more effectively than to rush in on another relationship only failing more drastic this time round. Try getting your life back, just as it used to be before you got all hooked up with your past love. Engage in fun and exciting stuff that take your mind off the ills of the break. It is possible, and you can do it. You need to tell yourself it’s not over until it’s over! Breakup or no breakup, you are strong and you can thrive.

What to do after a breakup : Forget the past and the relationship that’s lost

Every breakup is painful, but what’s the point in crying over spilt milk? Regardless of how one may be hurting, it’s necessary to move on, and forgetting the past comes into play here. Once a relationship is over, one might feel the need to nurse the hurt which emanates naturally. It’s a good thing really to have to go through the healing process of letting out ones emotions through crying, feeling hurtful etc, but you need not allow this period overshadow your life completely. It’s just a passing phase and it needs to die out with time. Put in that constant effort to forget about the past and forge ahead to newer and better relationships.

What to do after a breakup : You need to learn to love yourself again after the break.

Prior to you being tied to the relationship when it was all vibrant and healthy, you need to get back into the new you and that starts with making the right and conscious effort to put your life back on track. It may seem impossible to get back up after a break in a relationship but you can survive and pull through regardless of situations faced. Pampering yourself with lots of love places you in that spot of gaining back your total self-confidence and true self- worthiness. Feeling good within can be evidenced without if one really wishes to attain immense joy and happiness. A relationship may be over, so what??? Life comes to a halt too? I don’t think so. Keep doing you and never let this phase ruin your happiness.

What to do after a breakup : Do not be quick in jumping into any new commitments right after the break.

While you mourn the lost relationship, this is a perfect time for you to ponder over what went wrong in that relationship and how best you can help yourself in avoiding similar mistakes in the forth coming future. Rushing into a new relationship, when in fact you haven’t even gotten over the previous one, will only weigh loads of negative pressure on your new found relationship. After a break in a relationship, one tends to carry about lots of excesses from their past relationship, of which if not properly dealt with might result in the crumbling or breaking of successive relationships gotten into. Try to avoid all of this and remain sober for a while. At least until you can forget about the lost relationship, and move on even stronger.
What to Do After a Breakup was written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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    • chantelle iris says:

      Love comes to stay with us at some point in life but it doesn’t always stay that way. if this relationship didn’t work, try it out with someone else my dear.
      breakups can be painful, but just master courage to deal with it and get to know that no matter what, there’s someone out there who will love and understand you if your ex didn’t.

  1. priness says:

    Just need to have people around to prevent you from think soo much. Get yourself involved in your hobby most Times during your leisure time. Read story books or do what makes you happy. Never get into a new relationship right after a break up. It will be a bad situation, though few can manage but the best thing is to stay single and enjoy life as you treat yourself. Make sure you do away with things that remind you of your ex. And you will do just fine because there are a lot of people who will love to have you and adore you; trust me.