What to Expect in Second Marriage

It’s usually quite normal in today’s modern and advanced periods to opt out for a second marriage when and if an initial marriage arrangement fails to make headway. As we all know, not every marriage is assured of effective progress and sustainability, and second marriages have come about to be known by many who go through divorces of some sort or may possibly have lost a partner in one unfortunate way or the other, but yet still look forward in getting back their lives and mending the broken pieces together. During this period, it is most commonly assumed that one is not necessarily going into the marriage for ‘genuine love’ reasons but it’s usually an issue of wanting someone by your side for companionship reasons. But others carry different opinions with regards to the whole second marriage issue. There’s the need however to get to know the reasons as to why people decide to go into second marriages. Let’s take a peep below…
Various reasons amount to a person deciding to go in for a second marriage after already having been through an initial one. Reasons may vary from person to person, but let us have a look at some mostly common reasons that we all could relate to…
The failures associated with an initial marriage, could lead one into opting to enter a second marriage. Failures which leads to eventual marriages or break in marriage could push one in deciding to marry a second time so as to seek or find the satisfaction and out most happiness they never really had in the previous marriage.
The burden of having to man responsibilities all by oneself after the breakdown of an initial marriage pushes one into going in for a second marriage to help reduce the stress being faced.
The lack of desire to remain single and entirely alone after an initial marriage dissolution or the death of a marriage partner could lead to an interest in going in for a second marriage. In other words, the need for companionship could lead one into opting for a second marriage.
Also, in the case where children are involved or emanating from an initial marriage, the need to have a second marriage becomes very strong as a second partner is needed to replace the other who made an exit in the lives of the children. This is to enable them have the chance of enjoying both parents without having to grow up lacking that love and affection from a second parent.
Second marriages as mentioned earlier are prone to facing certain challenges and hitches here and there in terms of sustainance as well as reliability in general terms. Since one has already been down the road of marriage before, it is mostly assumed that a second marriage might work out finally after a first was distorted and completely torn into shambles, but the thing is, this assertion is not really true in every sense of the word.
In the first place, a second marriage could change the life of one completely in terms of having to start all over again and having to adapt to certain practices and people who now become a part of your life. This is to mean that with the option of going in for a second marriage, one is likely to encounter the challenge of having to go through another process of marriage, but this time with a new partner thereby having to adapt to and cope with all new challenges that the second marriage has to offer. You might think you’ve been there and seen that or even done that, but you just cannot tell what you really bargaining for when you decide to go in for a second marriage.
Also, the tendency of a second marriage lasting or becoming successful is very minimal as most of the excesses carried on from an initial marriage could be deposited into the second thereby making it very difficult to succeed in a new adventure of marriage. More often than not, people leave one relationship without having to go past all the hurt and memories brought on by that relationship. In effect, all of this negativity is carried out into the next relationship entered into and the effects experienced by this new relationship are better untold of.
Furthermore, since one may not necessarily go into this kind of relationship with the right means of love, affection or total dedication to the other partner but may do so due to variant circumstances, ones best is not given and this might tend to ruin the marriage at the end of the day. When ones total dedication and commitment is not placed into something much more marriage, the tendency in achieving utmost results becomes nonexistent as failure is inevitable at this point in time.
Marriage is one thing you can never really be sure of. It could begin on a fresh and exciting note but then in the latter parts suddenly turn sour. Whether an initial marriage or a second marriage, the need to sustain a marriage and making it work depends entirely on the efforts of both partners involved. But more work and effort goes into a second marriage owing to the fact that this can come along with its own uniquely accompanied hurdles of which one may not be entirely psyched up in dealing with. One may decide to go in for a second marriage if the need be necessary. It’s entirely an issue of what one deems fit and comfortable to suit their lifestyle and taste really. We should never leave out the fact that we owe ourselves much happiness when it comes to having possible and genuine relationship with others. If you don’t fancy the idea of opting for a second marriage, the need to partake in it should be ruled out completely. For the fact that, you might never really get to have that total satisfaction and inner happiness you desire to have in a marriage. But if you all for it, there should be nothing stopping you from taking that ever bold and conscious step in achieving happiness. Make the right choice and get to live the life you’ve always wanted to. You owe it to yourself……., that’s what I say.
Written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. priness says:

    It’s quiet normal to have fear in your second marriage but trust me not all men are bad as well as women. You will be fine. Just relax and enjoy your marriage. Remember marriage should be based on love and trust. Don’t tell me you won’t trust your second spouse because you had trust issues in your previous marriage. If that is it, then is better you don’t get married again.