Why Women Cheat and How to Prevent Cheating

Ever thought a wife or girlfriend will never cheat? Then think again! We will show you the reasons why women cheat and how to prevent this from happening in your relationship. After reading please share to make the world a less painful one!

Usually, one would assume men are the only guilty parties when it comes to cheating. Some people always assume boys will always be boys when it comes to cheating. Women are hardly suspected to cheat and hold their moral values in esteem. The need for finding missing needs in a relationship leads to increasing cases of why women cheat.

Accept it or not, we have all experience cheating at some point in our lives. Most likely, we have had to be the ones who cheated on our partners. Yet, we get to learn that certain conditions place us in the position of cheating or cheated upon. Men wouldn’t want to listen to reasons why women cheat, but once you’re here we believe you want to know. So here are the six reasons:

Why Women Cheat – Lack of Physical and Emotional Attention

Unlike men, women need and demand certain essentials and must haves in relationships. Women love spending time together and making them feel special.  Women are less likely to cheat when their men spend quality time them! When there is less attention, women tend to start thinking of possible ways of seeking this desire.

why women cheat

Find out why women cheat on their partners

There’s this inner feeling in women that seeks to know how committed their men are. Or whether their men are just using them as a passing fling. When this basic necessity of a woman is denied in a relationship, she turns to cheating.

Emotions are not something to toil with when it comes to women. So denying a woman attention worsens the whole scenario. A woman will fall for a man that shows gives her more attention than her man. She may feel total love and dedication given to her by the other man.


Why Do Women Cheat – Low self-esteem

A lady feeling insecure about herself could lead to cheating in a relationship. Quite sad, but so true. When women have low self esteem, there is the urge to find out from other men whether they are good enough. Women are conscious of themselves and if they feel insecure they’re likely to seek a third party view.

Why Women Cheat – Lack of Good Sex in a Relationship

We all know how it goes right? How women so desire to reach the highest point of excitement when they get to bond with their partners. The desire to feel and experience real satisfaction is the dream of every woman. Your woman may fake it, but they long for someone who enable them meet that highest peak of satisfaction.

When a woman finds herself a man who is quite promising in bed, she feels the need to step out. To be able to keep her glued to you as her man, she requires the most exciting bedmatics anyone could ever give her. That is what gives her the biggest and greatest satisfaction. Come on! Don’t deny her of that, what would you expect her to do then? Cheat on you of course. No two ways about that one guys.


Why Women Cheat – Lack of Strong Financial Standing

Women want to do stuff for themselves and own stuff they will call theirs. If a woman is dependent on her partner, hardly will she ever get the guts to voice out her views. This could result from the fact that she may feel unsafe or threatened.  Women who are dependent on their partners have difficulty quitting relationships. This is because they don’t want to be broke!

A girlfriend or wife who is broke will remain in the relationship though she might be unhappy. This could lead her to cheat while enjoying the cash from her current relationship. The need be happy in a relationship does not become an issue anymore because she is getting it from another man.

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Why Do Women Cheat – Not Feeling Appreciated


Ladies always love to be appreciated in their relationships!  Your woman begin to feel rejected when there is no form of appreciation. Little words like ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I love you’, ‘please’ etc, is what they love to hear most. You don’t have to do much to show a woman you appreciate her in a relationship.

Fail to value the good things women do in the relationship and she is likely to do those for another guy! And it wouldn’t just end there! Women feel taken for granted when they notice their partners are not grateful. Cheating is the end result of such scenarios.

Conclusion on Why Women Cheat


In spite of the above six reasons why women cheat, reasons may differ from woman to woman. Cheating is not based on a one way street where everyone follows. No man deserves a woman who cheats or toiled with in a relationship. It’s inexcusable to cheat in a relationship. No woman should place themselves running around hiding facts and truths from their partner.

If you feel unhappy in a relationship, walking out wouldn’t seem a bad idea now would it?  It saves you the whole headache of having to run around playing hide and seek with your man. As a woman, you need to keep that all important virtue and innate quality of being upright. Affairs are needless lady’s! Cheating is not our thing and we should never try to inculcate that into our relationships. As I always say, there’s nothing as sexy as having a faithful woman in a relationship!

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    • Adeogun Kayode says:

      If a woman is dependent on her partner, hardly will she ever get the guts to voice out her views. This could result from the fact that she may feel unsafe or threatened. Women who are dependent on their partners have difficulty quitting relationships. This is because they don’t want to be broke!

  1. patrick zigah says:


  2. priness says:

    Basically, ladies cheat because of attention. But others too are gold diggers. Whiles others have no option because of financial distress.

  3. jacqueline otinpong says:

    very useful article

  4. Aida Aidoo says:

    Marrying beautiful women are the most cry of every man. But marrying or getting involved with a beautiful woman doesn’t end there. Every woman needs attention. Less of attention will make your woman cheat on you especially if she get involve with someone who give her that and more.
    # There is a saying, ” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Men, you should always have confidence about your choices because it depends on you, for you will live with the woman all your life time. You should always make your women look good and feel great. And you need to spend on your woman because, beauty depends on many factors. The entire happiness of a lady affects her looks. And you should appreciate them all the time.
    # Men, communication is a key when it comes to sex. You must know the kind of woman you are involved with. Some women love making a lot. With these challenge, you need to communicate wit your partner to learn more as in skills, style, and also, hitting the right spot. Most importantly, reach her climax. The woman will forever be grateful to you and there will be no room for cheating.

  5. Elom Anyah says:

    Personally, i believe that the reasons behind infidelity differ greatly between the sexes. For men, it’s typically about the sex—the more sexually excitable they are, the more likely they are to cheat but speaking specifically on the subject of why women cheat; it’s more about the level of satisfaction in her relationship; if a woman is unhappy in her marriage or relationship.
    After reading this i feel the writer has touched every sector or reason why any woman will cheat. However, I also feel women who only benefit materially from a relationship would opt to cheat just for sexual satisfaction. This mostly occurs in relationships where the man is not physically and emotionally available prompting the woman to seek satisfaction elsewhere while still clinging on the relationship to enjoy the material benefits.
    Sometimes too some women decide to choose the petty option of making their men jealous. In the situation where out of the desire to gain attention, a woman will cheat so that the partner is jealous enough to take note. Most relationships or marriages get to this point when the husband/boyfriend is preoccupied with other issues or even involved in another relationship.

    Above the little i have said so far, i think this article is a very useful one. I have personally learnt so much from it. THANK YOU

  6. Godwin Appiah says:

    Interesting read

  7. Sucheta Rathi says:

    I agree with the write-up..The article touches upon all possible reasons for which women can cheat in a relationship. Lack of compatibility, lack of emotional, mental, physical or financial satisfaction also leads women to seek love from someone else other than her boyfriend or husband.